Readers Questions: How to extend a house boat?

this question was answered by Dan Henderson from a building contractor in Manchester


We have a 35 ft, 1982 Crest houseboat (boat). The floor has decayed and I am detaching it now. I need to add 4 feet to the front, and 4 feet to the back of the house boat. How might I include past the barges?


All things considered, extremely sorry to learn about your spoiled floors, yet happy to find out about your arrangements on expanding the front and back decks. I did it on one of our houseboats, and it included an absolutely new point of view and important space to the boat.

Presently since I am not excessively comfortable with the development, supporting, and materials of the Crest houseboats, I would assume the barges were made of aluminum or steel.

On the off chance that you are trying to revamping the floors, attempt and put marine review plywood for the outside segments, it will last any longer. In the event that the inside floor has spoiled, attempt to discover where the holes were originating from and seal them in the first place, before laying the new plywood floor.

As to amplifying the front and back decks, you can see by the photograph over, that it should be possible, since in the photograph, they have amplified an aluminum houseboats raise deck by 3 feet.

It’s hard for me to let you know from here how to do it since each case is one of a kind. You will undoubtedly need to address your nearby administration marina administrator or a neighborhood welder. They will be better disposed to make sense of how to fabricate a “swim stage” style of extension.

They will have the capacity to legitimately outline it, and decidedly prop it, with the goal that it can deal with the weight that it will hold. You may find that it is less demanding to amplify the back deck rather than the front deck.

I am certain that there are some Crest houseboat proprietors out there that will have potentially effectively augmented their decks, which would be important data to get direct.

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